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Your member software should do the work for you. Our platform is the most advanced engagement application ever.


The profile page is the first page a user sees when they view your organizational profile. This page is the hub for all your online information, and it enables you to directly promote content to your entire community, increasing engagement.

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This is your organization’s advanced digital directory. You can easily list and organize all of the groups you have within your community. From there, your members can connect with one another across all of their social media profiles, along with other personal information they choose to share. This feature increases a sense of belonging, and decreases turnover.

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Your organization can add events directly to your profile. Members can RSVP for the event, and view details like time, date, and additional information. Your members can also see how many of their connections are attending. This page centralizes your information, improving event attendance and awareness.

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Your organization can communicate with members directly through the news feature. When you create a post, a push notification is sent to your members to alert them of a new update. Our News feature is an efficient and effective way to communicate with your members.

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We don’t just provide information,
we host community.

  • No member networking features

  • Outdated design

  • Complicated backend management

  • Forces leaders to use multiple tools

  • Passive membership platform

  • Static, crowded website

  • Built to facilitate relationship-building

  • Advanced user interface

  • Easy for association leaders to manage

  • All-in-one community hub

  • Helps you retain and grow membership

  • Optimized for a truly mobile experience